Tuesday 08.10.19, Evangelisation can’t be easier!

On Tuesday 8 October we went to Belgium with the plane. On our stop in between we had to spend four hours in an airport in Stockholm (Sweden).

A seller from a liquorice shop had pain in his knee because of an injury. Pain level 6/10. I asked him if I could pray for him and he was ok with it.

I prayed very short for him, commanding all pain to go and asked him how he felt. He waited for one second and said with a surprised face that all his pain was gone! I thought, “Great, now it’s time to share the gospel” so I explained to this young man that it was Jesus who had healed him. Jesus has given all authority to heal the sick (and hurting people) to all his disciples. (See Marc 16:16-18).

I couldn’t say much more because he was working and there came other customers but I could give him a card with links that he could check.

I said: “You have an interest in all kinds of religion but the God that healed you has said: ‘I am the only way, truth and life; no one comes to the Father than through me alone. His name is Jesus, not Mohammed, Allah, Krishna or Buddha! I see that you are busy now but if you are concerned about the place where you want to spent eternity you should cheque this out and gave him my contact card! The guy smiled at me and said that he would surely cheque some links!

After this I also spoke to a girl who was very upset with the way they had treated her during the security cheque. She had to go to the toilet but before she left she thanked me for the quick conversation we had. She said that she believed in the same Saviour and went to a Hillsong church and was happy to have met me.

I believe Jesus can also send us to other disciples to comfort them or bless them in whatever way they need it!

Evangelisation can’t be easier than this! Just ask many people who start to speak to you if they have any pain in their body! If they do and the Holy Spirit lives in you just ask the people who have pain if you can shortly pray for them (like 5 seconds). When they agree just pray very short for them by putting your hand on them and commanding all pain to go, until they are totally healed. When you see that people start to feel uncomfortable I believe you should also stop and thank them that they gave you an opportunity to pray for them.

My experience is that many people feel already (much) better after the first prayer but you should try to continue ’till all pain is gone because the victory of total healing lies quiet often just around the corner. After that you will have an open door to share the gospel to a person who mostly will be very open & interested! 😀

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