Tuesday 5.11.’19, Shine the light & stay focused!

As I’m staying at home to care for our 1-year old Elias my disciple life has changed. I believe it’s for the best but every change requires some time for the right adjustment and believe me, it’s not always easy!

Listening to the Holy Spirit and asking to guide my path towards the right people is what I prayed for and there we went. My wife to work and me and Elias to do some groceries.

When I was in a big shopping mall in Hämeenlinna I asked a middle aged lady if she had pain. She said a bit surprised “yes”. I prayed shortly and her pain went more and more down with every prayer. She looked happy so I started to share about Jesus who was the healer. The woman only spoke Finnish so it was hard for me to go deep but I could point to Jesus and tell her to check some links from my contact card I gave her. She was actually in a hurry (to go to an appointment, as I think to have understood) so she had to leave me.

We went back home and on the way back I saw someone who seemed to recognise me. I knew her from somewhere but didn’t know from where exactly. We exchanged some small talk while my mind was doing its best to recall who she was and from where I knew her. I didn’t know anymore. We said goodbye and continued home.

While I was still searching for her name it dawned to me that I hadn’t shared Jesus with her! What a pity! This could have been the person of peace!

We all can make mistakes. This life (staying at home to care for Elias) is in a way new for me so I hope I will learn from this and next time keep on being alert to what the Holy Spirit is showing me.

As Elias has changed from two to one nap new possibilities (in sharing the gospel) have emerged! 🙂 I am very happy with this and I’m looking forward to see how God can and will still use us.

I wish you all “Peace”

One thought on “Tuesday 5.11.’19, Shine the light & stay focused!

  1. i praise God for the great faith you have !!!
    keep going!!!
    i heard from a faithful christian làdy about how she pray for people who dont know Jesus. and for strangers who she ísnt sưre are christian.
    she said she would in in prayer… claim their soul mind and body for Jesus and rebuke satan from them.



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