Monday 18.11.19, Hear& Obey the Holy Spirit!

It is so important to hear & differentiate the voice of the Holy Spirit from other voices. Recently I saw a movie of the persecuted church in Iran who is now the fastest growing church worldwide! Waaaw! Such an amazing movie! If you haven’t seen it, you can click on the link!

It makes me realise that we all need to know the voice of the Holy Spirit because it won’t take too long anymore before this kind of persecution will also come to the West. Hearing and understanding the voice of the Holy Spirit is from crucial importance in such times!

I know that God sometimes gives pictures or can speak with an audible voice to us so that we are able to find the person of peace. In a link you can read how one of our team members (during our TLR Luke 10 excersice) heard Gods audible voice say where we could find our person of peace! Waaw that was an amazing experience!

I will mostly approach many people and start a conversation to see/hear if they are “the person of peace” (someone God has prepared). But now I want to try to differentiate the voice of the Holy Spirit from other voices. So, this morning I prayed to God that he would send a person of peace to me.

When I went to the shop with Elias I did some grocery shopping. When we had to pass a lady with a kane I thought, “would that be our person of peace”. She had a small dog what made it easy to connect with her because Elias loves dogs and all people love Elias (my son of 1year).

She couldn’t speak English so I tried with my best Finnish to ask if she had pain. She had a lot of pain which disappeared after the first prayer. She was also a believer but didn’t seem to be very interested as she quickly walked to another friend of her (who also had a dog). I continued my conversation with her friend who was also a believer. I heard that they were baptised as baby’s and realised that I wasn’t able to start a “discussion” about why it was important to be baptised on your own faith, and that a baby baptism was nothing more than “getting wet” so I said goodbye to her friend and walked back home.

Was this “Holy Spirit lead”. I don’t know, but I also don’t know what the impact was and still “can be”. How will the Holy Spirit use this.

I want to continue in “hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit”. I’m sure this will be an excited learning school for me. Let’s see what will happen :

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