Wednesday 04.12.19, Going on the streets with brothers!

I have found some brothers with who I can go to the streets. Spending time together, pray together, sharing testimonies, but also go in the harvest field together 😀

After we my wife and I put Elias to sleep I was free to go (so to speak) and share the beautiful news of Jesus Christ with the people in Hämeenlinna.

Samuël, Antti & I first went to drink some coffee/tea and share how life has been to us because we hadn’t seen each other for a while. After that we prayed together and did some kind of “treasure hunt”. = Asking God for clues who are the persons of peace. Samuel and I both thought to got some clues and Antti got a bible verse so there we went.

First we found one of the ladies that God had given me some clues for.

* A woman with *Green jacket , close to *LIDL with * something to push, I thought maybe a buggy but the buggy was in the end a chart. Close enough as I was also not so sure what it could be that the person was pushing.

This woman spoke with us for some time. She seemed to be very open to listen to us even though it was quiet cold outside. (Snow around us, wind blowing and we were standing still). I didn’t want to push the woman into a forced conversation with us so I suggested even that we could leave her if she wanted to go but the woman said herself; “no, no, please continue; this is quiet interesting”! Yeeees, this must have been the person God wanted us to meet and talk to! After we had shared some important things she had to go. What a nice meeting!

After this we walked a bit in the city center. At some point Antti told us about an older woman who was a believer who lived close by. She was a believer and had a son who was deaf. We decided to call her and ask if we could pray for her and her family! When we connected with her through phone she really sounded depressed and sad. She said that she was dizzy. After this 10-minutes call and prayer the woman sounded so joyful and happy again. She was like a total new person. She also said that her dizzyness was gone! Hallelujah! Happy we continued our way! We all believed that this was the second person that God has lead us to connect with! 😀 Amazing!

When we returned back home Antti got some pain in his back and in his feeth (he told us that he had some kind of sickness that caused the pain) So we prayed for his back and feet! All pain in both back and feet went away! Our God is awesome! Isn’t He?

“Let’s do this again”! 😀

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