Wednesday 15.01.20, the first time going on the streets in 2020!

A new year has started!

To see God using me by healing people in His name has become more normal then ever before (See posts in the archive from last three years).

On the other hand I have also seen that people with pain & sickness can be hard to find. I hear you say: “Isn’t it all about the gospel, and I agree! But “healing & sharing the gospel” should go hand in hand! (Read Luke10). This evangelisation method (that originally comes from Jesus) is the best their is. At least that’s what I believe!

When we are lead by the Holy Spirit we’ll find the right people. Sometimes I just like to go to the shopping mall and ask lots of people around me if they have any pain in their body, physical, spiritual or emotional pain and pray for them (when they have pain and allow me to pray for them) If they don’t then you have at least a chance to tell them why you are doing this and (share Jesus with them).

Often you can answer their questions or negativism they have towards God. But it also happens quiet a lot that you receive all their frustration and “garbage” they want to spew on God. But, isn’t that what Jesus actually meant with “I send you out as lambs among wolves” (Luke 10:3). Many times you’ll find the right person who is searching or who has pain, gets healed and is interested in what you have to say.

I love to get more experience so that my faith would get a BOOST when I see somebody healed in Jesus name!

During these three years I’ve prayed for more then 200 people and I have seen most of them got healed by Jesus.

My faith still gets a boost when I see people totally surprised saying that their pain is gone after the prayer! Hallelujah Jesus, now it’s time for the real work, “sharing the gospel“. When you click on the link you’ll see a short video from someone who demonstrates how to pray for someone on the street and share some gospel with them.

Today a friend of me came to my door and introduced me to his American friend Eduard. We decided to go to the shopping mall take a coffee and talk a bit before we did any action. His friend Eduard asked me if I could show him how “I” approached the people and shared the gospel with them. He just wanted to observe, not be part of it. I said: “No problem, come and follow me”! I silently prayed: “God show us your power today”.

When we were still sitting and talking someone he knew came to our table and started to talk with Eduard. I asked if Eduard’s friend had any pain and Eduard’s friend said: “yes, actually I do”. It seemed that he had back pain which all went away after two short prayers! !

We went together in the shopping mall and I started to ask people around me if they had any pain or problem where I could pray for but no one had pain or a sickness. Then I saw a big teenager group on the next floor! We decided to go to them. One girl had a head ache which went away after the second prayer. The group of teenagers was to big to really discuss with so we decided to leave them.

At last I spoke with two girls who were 18-19 y? They firstly said to have no pain but after a while they told me they both had a cold. I prayed for them and they both started to sniff a lot. I gave them my contact card with some interesting links and we said goodbye

I was still thinking “why” they suddenly had to sniff so much but then it dawned on me that God was healing them! I have seen the same thing happening with a woman who had a severe illness. I prayed for her in a shopping mall in Tampere (Finland) some years ago and when she went home she got very thirsty! Later on she wrote to me that she had no symptoms any more of the disease! Hallellujah!

Maybe this case would be the same? The girls starting to sniff a lot after the prayer maybe because God was healing them, who knows? I had given them my contact card with links to some videos and the pioneerschool (a very interesting online bible school). I’m sure the Holy Spirit will do the rest of the work 🙂

We went back home happy & satisfied 🙂