Monday 03.02.20, Just be like Jesus!

We can read in Luke 10 that Jesus commands his 70 disciples to heal the sick and preach the gospel. I believe these two should go hand in hand.

Today I went to my Finnish course and we had to split in groups of two. I was together with an Arabic speaking woman.

While we were doing a linguistic exercise this woman said that she couldn’t speak to loud because she had a pain in her throat.

“Ahaa, pain!” Even though she said this very silently, my spirit as it were “woke up” as quick as I heard her say pain. “Mitä? Onks sinulla kipua? Missä”? (Translation FI-ENG) “What? Do you have pain? Where?”

After that I prayed two times and she got totally healed. I explained her that I’m a believer in Jesus and that he lives in me. Yes, that’s why you are healed now! He’s still alive.

She said that she knows Jesus from Koran and knows that he heals but as we were both studying Finnish and I can not speak Arabic the conversation ended there.

I believe that Jesus can still use this healing (testimony) later when others from the class have pain and I offer to pray for them in Jesus’ name 🙂 still I felt like I didn’t say enough. Like that the One I believe in is not the same like Isa in the Koran. Isa didn’t die for my sins on the cross to pay for my sins. This is the most crucial believe/credo of my faith! No compromise possible!

This Wednesday we started to gather at our home with some fellow brothers and sisters who share the same faith. It is so refreshing to come together and talk about what Jesus has done in our lives! Sharing testimonies, praying for each other, worshipping Jesus, going together on the streets to share the gospel, having some time to study the bible together and just sharing life!! Lovely! ❤

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