Saturday 28.03.20, The corona virus pandemic won’t stop us!

While being on a walk with my wife and our 1y 5months old son, we passed a woman who had some protection around her ankle. What to do?! My wife hadn’t even seen it but I had. I turned around, went to her and asked if she had pain. She said she had and didn’t mind me praying for her. Due to corona I didn’t put my hand on her but just pointed to her ankle from a distance and commanded the pain to go. 3 short commands and with every prayer it was better than before.

The woman wasn’t used to this, so after that I gave her my contact card with some good links and told her that “Jesus is the big healer. He is the one who can give you eternal life. You really should check it out!”. We said goodbye and left her.

We left her and continued to pray for a total healing so that this woman would be so amazed by the change in her ankle that she would check out some links and eventually could get to know the real healer!

All praise goes to Jesus! Hallelujah 🙂

What a joy it is to be His disciples!

I believe that in the time were now living in, we’ll have more opportunities then ever before to share the gospel with people. The peace we have during these hard times should be a testimony for this world!

I wish everyone a good health & courage to step out when possible (from a distance, of course :P)!

Be blessed!!!

Tim & Anni

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