Tuesday 02.05.20, “I have been waiting for people like you!”

We need to be out there. On the streets, cafetaria’s, playgrounds, etc… Not just in the church buildings! We need to tell to the people what the gospel is all about. They need to hear the real gospel! Not what they think “the gospel (=good news) of Jesus” is. If they already think about it. People of today have such a wrong view about Jesus!

I think we can go around the whole globe telling people about Jesus and not win anyone for Christ. Would that be Gods will? Seriously? … No, I don’t think so! We need to find that one person who God is already drawing to Him! That person who is searching God. Jesus calls it ‘a person of peace’ (see Luke 10).

We have to be effective! God wants to help us but we first of all need to be obedient to what He sais in His Word. “When people don’t want (to listen to) it/us sharing the gospel,we need to “shake the dust from under our feet and move on!

Yesterday I wanted to speak to some people about Jesus so after my shopping I went to some young people (between 20-30y.) and started to ask them if their was something I could pray for… one of them was making some fun with it while the other said to his mate to be still because he had been waiting on people like me who would share what I was sharing with him. He seemed to be quiet interested and asked some good questions but it was quiet quickly enough for him.

I don’t think that these people were persons of peace but one of them seemed to be quiet open at the start!

More and more I really start to see and realise that there is a harvest waiting for us, but that that harvest won’t come in by itself. We need to go out and search that one who is searching God. I acknowledge that that can be hard for the first times but you’ll receive such a joy when you see that there is people who have questions, who are searching, who… And the joy is that you can give them what they’re searching for! The more you’ll do it, the easier it get. While speaking with people you also start to quiet quickly realise that you need to be prepared to be able to share what the gospel is all about.

Soon I’ll close this blog because I don’t find the time to keep writing about what God is doing in my life! I’m very, very happy to have learned so much and will try to make some kind of overview from the many things I learned and the most important things I’ve seen. Until then;

Tim X

Remember Jesus words:

“The harvest is great, but labourors are few! Luke 10:2a

Ps: if you want to join me in the harvest, please send me a message throug (Messenger, facebook, whatsApp, or the blog!) Let’s do this together!! 😀

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