Sunday 17 May 2020; I’ll close my WordPress! This is an overview of the first year of my amazing journey (1/4)!

Waaaaw! What an amazing life this can be with Jesus!! I started this blog to show the whole world that Jesus is still alive today and that we (his disciples) are now “HIS HANDS & FEET”. We should go out and find the people Jesus wants to meet! We can heal the sick and cast out demons! Jesus has commanded us to do all of this, not just the church leaders!

As some kind of starting post I decided to go together with my wife to a Christian Music Festival here in Finland. Hoping to found a lot of people there where I could pray for, because I wanted to use my “faith muscle” so it could grow! 😀
At the MN-Festival I have prayed for a bit more than 15 people who’ all got healed! This was just the start of an amazing “active life” with Jesus.

After blogging for more then three years about all the wonderfull things Jesus does in our (my wife and I) life; we feel that God is leading us towards new/different things.

I’ll put here just some (many) links to some amazing testimonies; or -lessons I learned. Feel free to read more if you want and ponder what God wants to tell you!

2. This amazing life started with the mother of the stephfather of my wife who got miraculous healed in her back. We just had discovered this (at that time) new Christian Movement, called “The Last Reformation” in the end of 2016 and were watching a lot of testimonies online and looked to “the pioneerschool “together at home. While we went for a visit to the house of my wife’s family, the mother of Jyrki was sitting in a wheelchair so I decided to put the lessons we had learned in to practise. With my heart full of expectation (but also questions) I prayed for her healing and the miracle happened, “right there, right now”. She got instantly healed! She cried and said that finaly she knew why she had traveled such a distance.

3. I will never forget that, while showing an example to my friend in Belgium, he got healed and was really amazed! -We all were, because I didn’t even know that he was in pain- Just by showing him how I prayed for the sick on the streets, he got also healed by my example prayer! So, I would say “it is not totally up to ‘our’ faith, and how big it is, and ‘our’, ‘our’, ‘our’, etc… God is the one who heals and he can heal, even when your praying for someone and are having some doubts. He wants you to be his hands and feet! Pray for the sick, cast out the demons and share the gospel with all creation! The more you’ll do it, the more you’ll learn, the more your faith will grow!!

6. I also won’t forget the time when I went to my hometown in Belgium and went to the shopping mall and prayed for lots of teenagers who all got healed. They were more than amazed and super enthousiastic. One of them even asked me if I could come to his house and meet his sister who had an appointment with the doctor a day later because she was had so much pain. I prayed for her and she got totally healed (only after the third or fourth prayer!) She said she felt hotness comming over the spot I prayed for. The Holy Spirit was at work, hallelujah!! Now the mother of the two came to meet me. Also she had some pain who got healed by Jesus. After that she invited me in her home!
This was so beautiful; just like we read in the Bible; one person gets healed and gives you acces to the whole family. Sadly I didn’t know at that time what I know today. I couldn’t present the gospel how I would present it to her now! (today there are even gospel cards which can help you with “presenting the gospel in a simpel way!) Thank you Jesus for this expierience!

7. We hear all the time, “oh, there is no open people out there; not in your (own) country/place. No one wants to hear the gospel; everyone hates it! Maybe in Africa, but not here! … Your conscience will be your accuser NR1! So in my overview you will read about some persons of peace that I found “along the way”. If you don’t know yet, a person of peace is a person who is searching for answers. A person who is open to God. With that person you can go immediately to the gospel; you don’t need to first discuss why Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life and so on… A person of peace is a person God is drawing towards Him, but needs help! (Just like we can read in the book of Acts where Philip explained what the Eunuch was reading in the book of Isaiah).
You are the help the “Person of Peace” is waiting for! Here is a post of one of my first persons of peace I met! (It’s very sad to say but also there I didn’t really know yet what to do when I met a person of peace ;S… at least now I know!)

8. Something to remember is my first 40-day fast. The lesson I learned is that “everyone can do this! You won’t die! Even though your body tries to tell you that you are gonna die!” It was a good excersise of humbling myself before God! I’m happy that I did it, and know what I can do better next time and what not! During my fast my person of peace also contacted me with the question to be baptised! (last week I met him again and you could see and hear that Jesus was all over him!) Praise God!

9. And then there was the girl who was very deep into New-Age. Firstly she got healed in a supermarket after which she asked if I could deliver her from her demons. Me and my wife were quiet new in that so it didn’t work that time, about a year later we cast a demon of fear out of our friend. Jesus had been teaching us. We had a deep repentance talk with the girl and prayed many minutes after which the demon had to let go! What a relief it was 😀

10. I remember going to Denkmark to follow a Pioneer Training School of three weeks in Denmark Aalborg. What was the most important of all things that I experienced there is how God lead us towards a person of peace (who was not a believer); how we got to sit down with him; how he opened up his home for our team of six members. And how we could share the gospel to him and his friend. One day later he came to our place to be baptised together with his mother! Whaaaat an experience!!! You can read it here Wed-Sat 27.-30.09.17, Incredible Luke 10 -exercise!!

11. In Denmark we also went out in the night and could meet different kind of people who also needed Jesus! Those people seemed to be open, had lots of pains who all got healed but were gone the next day.

12. In Denmark I also got to kickstart a mother and her son! What a nice experience this was! God is faithfull to lead us to the right people with pain by which “the people from Norway I was kickstarting” could see that you don’t need the gift of healing to be able to heal someone in Jesus’ name!! Sharing the gospel is made so much easier when a person gets healed before or after the gospel of Jesus Christ has been shared with him/her.

13. I will also never forget how my wife and I went on a mission trip to India straight after we did a Pioneer Training school in Denmark! Here you can read about it.

These were some highlights of my first year after I moved to Finland and God starting to teach or encourage me to step out of my safe comfort zone. Mostly by seeing and hearing many examples from this new movement “The Last Reformation“.

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