Wednesday 24.06.2020; At the end of this summer I’ll stop writing in WordPress! This is an overview of the third year of my journey (3/4)!

2019 is for me the year where

  • my wife and I and three other brothers organised a kickstart-weekend at someone’s house in Sweden! It was different in this way that it only took Friday-evening and the whole Saturday from 9.00-16.00. Nobody wanted to get baptised so in that way we also saved some time. I’m happy to have seen how easy this actually was. You can read about it here! Everyone who wants a kickstart to be organised in their home by my wife and I can contact me and let’s see what is possible 🙂
  • My wife got to pray for a 21-y old girl who first got kickstarted by me and then filled with the Holy Spirit by her. It was wonderful to see how easy and fluently this girl started to speak in tongues. Also her face became totally radiant! This was just the best end of the Luke-10 school we could have hoped for! 😀
  • I got to baptise one of my former students “Protestants-Evangelical” religion. First I baptised him with water and then we (my wife, Raf’s brother and me) prayed for the filling of the Holy Spirit. (Raf started to speak in tongues). Hallelujah!
  • I got reminded that it doesn’t take a long time to give someone a visit card of Jesus. You just ask someone (that you’ll maybe only see once in your lifetime) if they have any pain and when they do; you pray for their pain and God can show up!

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