Monday 31.08.20, What if every believer would know this?

Already in Februari I got a message through the TLR – map from Vesa. Because of Corona and bussiness of life we decided to Skype-call in April and managed to see each other in August for 3 times in a row on Mondays.

Vesa wanted to get kickstartd, so I took him 3 times on the streets with me. The last time his wife also joined !!

To be able to write something about it I asked Vesa three questions:

What was your expectation to come for a “kickstart”. (Kickstart means to become an active disciple of Jesus by praying for the sick, casting out demons and sharing the gospel. Like we can read in Luke10)

Vesa: “After seeing the videos of TLR I felt like the life I was living was not what the life a believer was supposed to be like. I had a strong hunger to press in, and felt I was ready to pay any price to get into living this life depicted in the book of acts. I expected that the kickstart would help me to begin living this new life”.

  • what happened?
    “In a short period I got to pray for two people with pain in the neck area. The first person got healed and was shocked of the miracle. I was also “blown out of my mind”. It was so easy! Approaching people was also much easier than I expected! In fact the two first times out on the street everyone we prayed for got healed. That was freaking amazing!”

  • Were your expectations met?
    Would you recommend a kickstart to others? Why?

“It really exceeded my expectations. I would recommend every born again believer to be kickstarted as soon as possible. After my kickstart my wife also got kickstarted, and she also got to experience a miracle. As born again believers we have the Holy Spirit within us. Most of us have just become accustomed to the paradigm of just sitting in the church. A kickstart blows away that paradigm. We need to step out and start obeying the call of Jesus. He has promised to be with us, and now I personally have proof that it is real!”

Tim: “Thank you Vesa for your testimony! Let’s keep on meeting and together learn to find “the person of peace”/ =the person that God is already drawing! :)”

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