The Kickstart weekend on the TLR summer camp

We managed to come to the TLR summer camp in Denmark. For the coming days we will be writing about our experiences here. Enjoy reading about what is going on here on the first TLR-summer camp 🙂

The camp started with a kickstart weekend (a weekend where there’s very practical teachings about the basics of following Jesus in everyday life, how to make disciples and training to heal the sick and share the Gospel on the streets).

This weekend there was a festival one hour away from Thisted. We split up in small groups groups and left with cars to the festival. I went with Anders, his wife, Sara and Gemma. These are a few of the encounters we had!

The girl in the middle was healed from pain in her hand (if I remember correctly). She was really surprised. I gave her my information card with some links because it was to noisy to have a decent conversation (she also looked a bit tipsy). We told her that she should check those links because Jesus wants to give her real life!

“You know, we will all die at some moment but Jesus can give you eternal life. Wouldn’t you like that?”. The girl said that she would check out the links. Her friend looked interested in what was happening, and also what had happened to her friend so I gave her also a contact card with references to some great links.

Later we met a young man and his friend. The guy was healed, but his friend was much more interested in what had happened than he was. The healed young man didn’t want to be in the picture so we just took a selfie with the open friend.

On this picture you can see Anders who just healed the guy on the right side of the picture in Jesus name. He was open for the gospel and listened with a lot of interest to what we had to tell. I gave my contact information card to him so he could check some links with more information. We said goodbye to him.

While we were talking to the guy the wife of Anders had gone to talk to a girl close-by. She could pray for her and the girl was healed.

Amazing day! Looking forward for the rest of the summer camp! I’ll try to go on the streets every day with different people. I like to help and encourage those who are less experienced on the street and go with them (: